Union Flite Pro: Snowboard Bindings for Men Review


Union snowboard bindings have been on the market for over a decade now. All this time, the company has produced the best bindings for the snow seasons.

One thing that keeps Union afloat is their constant upgrades on their products to make them better and more versatile for users. A good example is the Union Flite Pro for men that provides riders with simple, stylish and affordable bindings.

This binding is suitable for use by all types of riders and can be utilized on all kinds of terrains. What’s more is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on all the baseplates and heel cups.


You will find that these bindings are packed with beneficial features that will make riding so simple, fun, and much more comfortable.  One such feature is the Union 3D extruded aluminum heel cups that provide you with utmost comfort when riding.

Another feature is the Flite Dura-Flex baseplate that gives you the needed support and cushion to keep pushing limits. Also, there is the thermostat EVA bushing which provides shock absorption, hence, protects your heels from injury and also keeps you locked-in allowing you to flex more naturally.

Apart from the shock absorption technique, the Union Flite Pro for men also features a tool-free toe adjustment whereby you do not need screws nor screwdrivers to adjust the straps. Just flip the levers which allows you to make easy and quick adjustments.

The symmetric direct connect is another fantastic feature found in this binding. This symmetric direct connect ankle strap has a multilayer strap core that provides for an even distribution of pressure across the foot top; it helps to keep you locked in without holding you back when riding.

The CP1 Highbacks for these snowboard bindings are developed and tested by Gigi Ruf, and are therefore super light, incredibly comfortable, and perfect for use by all types of snowboarders on all kinds of terrains.


These snowboard bindings have many advantages that users have attested to. Let’s have a look at what you stand to gain from this particular snowboard and boot accessory.

Superior comfort

For a snowboarder, comfort is always key in all gears used in the activity. With the Union Flite Pro Snowboard binder, you will get comfort that is at its best and uncompromised.

The Dura Flex baseplate and the entire binding will provide you with a comfortable ride as your feet will feel like they are on a cushion at the bottom. The binding also works with most types of boots, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility


Given that the snow binding is developed and tested by Gigi Ruf, they are incredibly light therefore easy to pull up and ride on them. The lightweight features also make them a good choice for users who ride on all types of terrain.

Excellent shock absorption

If you are a freestyler, you will need a snowboard binding that has a trusted shock absorption technique. The Union Flite Pro features a thermoformed EVA bushing that protects your heels and feet from injury. This, therefore gives you the confidence to ride freely and also be able to flex more naturally

Simplicity and durability

The product has a very simple design on the outside, but it is made with high quality and durable materials and techniques. The design is also nice to look at

Easy adjustability

This binding for men is easy to adjust and customize to fit both your board and boots

Reasonable price and warranty

Given the high-quality features that this binding offers, together with a lifetime warranty, you will find that its price on the market is quite low


  • The toe straps for this snowboard binding tend to be a bit sticky
  • The binding may seem loose for heavier riders


If you are looking for a super-light snowboard binding that won’t stretch your budget, then the Union Flite Pro Snowboard Binding is the best for you.

With all its features, quality and price, these bindings are ideal for a freestyle snowboarder who is looking for a simple yet durable, stylish, comfortable, and affordable binding for his board and boots to enhance his snow riding experience.

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