Union Contact Pro: Snowboard Bindings Review


In buying your snowboard bindings, you must ensure that they accommodate your boot size. This is because a compatible binding will grip your boot tightly and securely.

At the same time, it does not pinch your boot into place or force your boot into position. After all, bindings are supposed to allow your boots to flex with no shifting or wobbling.

In addition, binding straps must not dangle terribly once tightened. If this is the case, find different bindings that do not have excessively long strap ends.

For women, there are bindings that come with specific dimensions and highbacks designed to fit female calves and boots. There are also bindings intended for men that can also work well for women, like the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings!


  • Comfortable and super light
  • Designed for all kinds of snowboarding terrains
  • Vaporlite full bottom bushing system
  • Contains the all-new quick release mini FLAD feature intended for forwarding lean efficiency


Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings are known to be some of the lightest bindings manufactured ever. They contain the strength of Duraflex that is focused in crucial areas of the base to attain power and thus, taking full advantage of Vaporlite Dampening in other areas.

In addition, Gigi Rüf developed and tested this product resulting in its ability to offer extreme comfort and be incredibly light, making it exceptional on every type of snowboarding terrain.

These stronger, lighter and more precise bindings also come with a Vaporlite Full Bottom Bushing System which is responsible for the next-level vibration dampening as well as natural casting for foot comfort that lasts a long time.

This means you won’t suffer from sore knees and bruised heels. With the simple mechanism and all-new Quick Release Mini FLAD, riders will definitely enjoy the ultimate forward lean efficiency.

Most customers who have tried these bindings love the responsiveness they bring and the awesome binding they come with. Many people say the baseplate material is the reason why their ride feels so much smoother.

Furthermore, these bindings give a more natural feel and response because of their minimal board-to-binding footprint, which crucially reduces the amount of interference with the real flex of your board. In other words, the minimal five percent contact area allows your board to naturally flex.

This product also includes a multi-layer composite strap core known as SonicFuse Straps that are fused altogether in order to form one, articulated strap. The idea behind this minimized stitching is to reduce weight and increase the durability of the straps.

Also, it distributes pressure evenly across through your boot to improve lateral mobility and comfort.

Another strap system exists for your ankle called the 3D Symmetric Direct Connect Strap, which features a multi-layer strap core too. These straps hold you in, but do not hold you back.


There are some minor flaws with these bindings according to people who have purchased them in orange, who said that the paint tends to get chipped off easily. Another flaw is that for those who like stiff highbacks, these bindings may not be completely satisfying and thus, you may want to opt for some other bindings.


With the lack of negative reviews, the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings is a highly acclaimed product. Aside from the features already mentioned, these bindings also feature injected magnesium buckles that contain four times the strength of aluminum but only half its weight.

The highback is lighter compared to previous models from the brand and as mentioned earlier, it comes with a Mini FLAD forward lean adjuster.

Even though this product is for men, women will also enjoy wearing these bindings! Some women have reported the exceptional amount of control they have in spite of the range of flexibility and motion.

They also loved how their tight turns around trees felt more dialed-in and how they could get so much flex and motion in the foot and ankle region. With the cushiness underfoot, they had never felt more dampened.

Other additional features include an extruded 3D heel cup made of exceptionally sturdy aluminum intended to lessen toe drag and optimize heel hold at the same time, Grade 8.8 hardware made of mild steel and tool-free adjustments that do not require screwdrivers since all you need to do is flip the levers for an easy and fast on-hill adjustment.

One of the best things about these bindings is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on heel cups and baseplates. Thus you are guaranteed a replacement of your heel cup or baseplate for life if you ever break or crack it. For all of the other parts, there is a one-year warranty from the date you purchased these bindings.

All in all, this product is versatile and adjustable and even setting it up is not a hassle. These bindings are really some of the best!

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