System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings Review


Winter means you get to play out in the snow and have fun in the cold. While snowboarding is one of the most popular activities during this season, it is not an easy thing to do.

However, with the right equipment and gear, you are on your way there.

When it comes to snowboarding equipment, it is not just about the board and the boots; it is also about the snowboard bindings! These are responsible for transferring energy and responding to the shifts in your body for precise control.

When choosing your bindings, make sure they match your ability level, riding style, comfort and snowboard/boots. If you want a recommended product, here are the System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings!


  • Rear-entry or step-in design
  • Multi-disc base plate that is wholly compatible and can be easily mounted on boards
  • Hi-back contains full EVA padding while the footbed has high-density dampening
  • Offers instant response and maximum comfort with its 3D molded ankle strap covered in polyurethane
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings are set to revolutionize the market. They come with a state-of-the-art step-in or rear-entry design that lets you get in and out of the bindings easier.

This means you do not need to sit down just to strap yourself in and you will not experience any hassle with the buckles and straps. All you have to do is slip the hi-back down, let your foot slide and you are ready to go!

Unlike other back-entry bindings, this product has an ankle strap that opens automatically in order to create enough room for your entire boot. Then, with just one quick lever, it cinches back down! Really amazing, right?

This product also owes a lot to the patented design of its rear cable. This design allows the rear cable to lock the hi-back in place.

Plus, since it tightens with pressure, it makes the bindings stronger and more responsive as you ride harder. And it does all that while keeping you attached firmly to your board. Talk about safety and efficiency!

The fun does not stop there. Aside from keeping you safe and sound, these snowboard bindings offer you a plush and comfortable ride too! How?

Well, they have high-density dampening pads on the footbed as well as full EVA padding on the highback. The pads are high-density on both the toe ramp and heel of the binding, which results in reduced board shock from impacts offering a smooth, cushioned ride.

Another feature that gives you extra comfort is the 3D molded ankle strap, which is covered in highly durable polyurethane. It also offers an instant response.

You also don’t need to worry about whether or not these snowboard bindings will fit your boots perfectly because three features will help you with that: a covered baseplate, forward-lead adjustment and sliding strap adjustments. These features also enable this product to match whatever your riding style is!


It seems like this product has been performing very well because we couldn’t find a single negative review of it!


Obviously, System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings are a highly acclaimed product due to their absence of disadvantages. That’s not surprising since these bindings have an astounding baseplate that is a fully compatible multi-disc, allowing this product to mount easily on all kinds of boards, from Burton three-hole to standard four-hole and even the Burton Channel EST boards.

The footbed comprises high-density dampening pads through both the toe ramp and heel of the bindings which reduces board shock and chatter against impacts while making for a supported and smooth ride. So whether you pass through big drops, icy chops or fast lines, your ride feels like you’re in the clouds!

What’s more is that these snowboard bindings have three features that help them give an efficient ride and make your boot fit perfectly. These are the sliding strap adjustments, covered baseplate and tool-less forward lean adjustment.

With its rear-entry or step-in design, all you need to do is slide your foot in and out of the bindings to ride away!

Thumbs up as well for the patented design of the rear cable since it assures that the rear cable locks the hi-back in place. Also, it manages to make the bindings stronger and more responsive the harder you ride, because it tightens with pressure.

Keeping you attached firmly to your board while all of those happen is the cherry on top. Safety, efficiency, and durability at its best. What more can you ask for?

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