Rome United Snowboard Bindings Review


Snowboarding is a very popular activity among people who feel that regular skiing is not exciting enough. Sure, it offers more of an adrenaline rush compared to other snow sports, but that can mean more danger and accidents.

Not good, right? That is why, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need safety gear to ensure that you are safe while having fun.

You can wear a helmet or clothing that will protect you in times of falling, but there are also other kinds of gear that not only keep you safe but also enhance your performance as a rider. An example is snowboard bindings, which help keep you in place while transferring the necessary muscle movements to your board.

If you are looking for this kind of product, the Rome United Snowboard Bindings are here to impress!


  • Uni-body baseplate that is injected and lightweight for smooth sensitivity in every direction
  • Conformist toe strap
  • 3D-shaped contour ankle strap that is low profile and flexible to fit your ankle
  • United Asym highback
  • Channel adjust and full highback rotation


Rome United Snowboard Bindings serve as your weapon in conquering the slopes. It is loaded with Rome’s well-known technical features such as conformist toe straps that are form-fitting.

That means these bindings are durable, high-performing and comfortable.

The bindings also offer multiple strap positions with three or more straps for you to customize so you can get the perfect strap support level. In addition, there is an easy, full highback rotation that lets you adjust the highback so you can get great heel side turns whatever angle your bindings are set at.

You get tweakability and power too thanks to the product’s responsive and smooth flex pattern. The bindings have a flex rating of 5 on a rating scale where 1 is soft and 10 is stiff.

This means they have the perfect combination of power and playfulness for the control and precision needed for a freeriding style.

The baseplate is uni-body, injected and lightweight which allows it to respond smoothly in every direction. You are also protected from hard landings thanks to the dampening and cushioning effect of the EVA inbase pad.

What’s more is that its sub-base pad fills all the lifted corners of the baseplate with 3D EVA and rubber for protection. It also generates the smoothest side-to-side flex and at the same time, creates a dampening barrier between the top sheet of the snowboard and the baseplate of the bindings.

There is also a United Asym Highback that is known to be anatomically aligned and super light, offering the right flex profile for every shred type.

Thumbs up as well for the quick adjust strap length feature for since there is no need for a screwdriver anymore. With just the flip of a lever you can select the length you prefer for that precise fit.

Also, you can easily and quickly control your forward lean using the tool-free highback forward lean feature.


Some customers said that the bindings are a bit tight for a size 11.5. The strap also does not extend sufficiently for users to re-strap effortlessly. Other than that, there aren’t any obvious flaws with this product.


We couldn’t find many disadvantages with this product, so the Rome United Snowboard Bindings is highly recommended. These bindings have a medium flex and a lightweight design that offers the precise amount of board control and response needed for all-mountain shredding.

The bindings also come with shock absorption as well as flexible ankle straps so you can take charge of terrain parks effortlessly. The greatest part of all is that you get to experience the high performance this product offers at a reasonable price.

You will also be pleased that this product is armed to the teeth with the latest technology to produce the power and tweakability you need.

Another good thing about these bindings is that they ensure perfect energy transfer through their highback’s asymmetrical shape, which has a design that makes it align anatomically with your leg. Additionally, the Contour ankle strap gives the ultimate blend of plush comfort and support by utilizing materials resistant to temperature for a long-lasting performance.

There is even a built-in sub-base pad found underneath the bindings that absorbs vibrations to decrease chatter and ensure a smooth ride.

What’s more is that these bindings have a lot of features that other similar products do not come with. The United Asym Highback, channel adjust feature, injected and uni-body baseplate and conformist toe strap all work together for a comfortable, effective, safe and high-quality performance.

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