O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket Review


When it comes to gearing up for a snowboarding trip, it pays off to be well-prepared. A trip to cold places will quickly turn into a disaster if you do not have the basic clothing items to protect you from the harsh weather.

You may end up catching a cold, shivering uncontrollably, or when things get too serious, become hypothermic. To prevent such things from happening, having a reliable snowboarding jacket to keep you warm and comfortable is a must.

There are many brands that offer their versions of a snowboarding jacket, each with their unique features. To make an informed decision on which jacket will be the best fit for you, here is a review on the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket, just one of your many options.


  • Shell is composed of 100% Polyester except for the coating
  • Filling material is made of 100% Polyester
  • Has a comfortable mountaineering fit for better mobility and ventilation
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Accessible phone and goggle pockets
  • Comes with a snow gaiter
  • Straight cuffs with wrist gaiters
  • Comes with a fixed hood
  • Has critically taped seams
  • Has a lift pass pocket Velcro for easy access
  • Has a chin guard
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Has an inner storm placket to keep moisture out


The O’Neill brand is best known for its high-quality outdoor gear. It’s a brand name that is commonly associated with different types of sports and comes with high praises. Their Compass Snowboard Jacket is no different when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

It is a snowboarding jacket known for its many unique features that cannot be found in other brands. From its famed mountaineering fit that allows proper ventilation from the underarm air pockets to its easily accessible extra pockets to fit phones and goggles, this snowboarding jacket has many features up its sleeve.

The shell material of the snowboarding jacket and its filling is made from 100% polyester which helps it with its water-resistant attribute. This means that even if you have been exposed to wet or damp climates, you will remain dry and warm while wearing the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket. Its easy fit nature makes it easier for snowboarders to move and maneuver while they are using this jacket.

With its inner storm placket to keep moisture out and its snow gaiter, you are sure to stay dry and warm while you are out in the snow doing various activities. The fixed hood of this jacket also comes in handy in keeping your head, neck, and face warm and out of the freezing temperatures when snowboarding down slopes.

This snowboarding jacket comes with so many different features it’s hard to highlight which one is the best. It is a well-constructed and well-designed jacket that will survive the harsh temperatures common during snowboarding trips.

One of the biggest advantages of this particular snowboarding jacket is its price. Despite having several unique features, it still comes at a more affordable price, depending on the size. Keeping warm, dry, and cozy while staying stylish, that’s the overall package the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket offers users.


If you are planning to pack light on your next snowboarding trip, the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket for men might not be the best choice for you. It weighs a little heavier compared to most snowboarding jackets at 3 pounds and the added weight when snowboarding may be a hindrance to some.

If you are confident in your skills and you don’t mind carrying the extra 3 pounds while snowboarding and packing, this jacket will be a welcome addition to your gear. With its various unique features, it is understandable for this jacket to weigh more than what the other brands offer.

Another downside when choosing to buy the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket for men is the limited colors that are available. This is not really a major issue, especially for men who are more likely to choose their snowboarding jackets based on their features and not their colors.

But if the colors are part of decision making, don’t worry this style comes in 3 solid colors that will likely go well with any of your existing snowboarding apparel.


The O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket stands out when compared to other brands that also sell snowboarding jackets. Aside from its many beneficial, practical, and unique features that you cannot find with other jackets, it also comes at a very reasonable price.

If carrying an extra 3 pounds when you snowboard isn’t a big deal for you, then this jacket is definitely the one. It doesn’t just offer warmth while out in the cold, it’s also waterproof. You’ll be dry, warm, and safe throughout your snowboarding trip.

From the moment you try this jacket on, there’s no turning back. Add the O’Neill Compass Snowboard Jacket for men to your snowboarding gear today and you’re guaranteed to love its uniqueness and usefulness.

Are there better jackets? Be sure to see out our post on the best snowboard jackets to see how the O’Neill Compass stacks up against its competition.


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