K2 Men’s Hurrithane Snowboard Binding 2015 Review


If flexibility is your ultimate priority in a snowboard binding, the K2 Hurrithane 2015 should be the only thing you think of when choosing bindings for your snowboard and boots. These K2 Hurrithanes are a pair of bindings made with a polyurethane material that makes them quite soft and extra light.

They are the perfect combination for professional, flexible and smooth snowboarding. So, if you are a pro snowboard enthusiast, do not hesitate to try these magnificent bindings this season.


The Hurrithane K2 bindings rely mostly on their highbacks which are made of urethane materials. As it is, urethane is a very soft material thus, making the highback one of the softest and easily tweakable bindings when on the ride.

On features, the K2 Hurrithanes feature a canted footbed that comes in handy in putting control between your feet for easy and fast maneuverability on any ground. Also, the footbed features EVA cushioning which provides excellent shock absorption, especially for the rider who loves the mountains, more complex terrains, and high-impact landings.

The strap system is another great feature that these K2s have. It features a tool-less universal, hinges mount, and camlock centering, and caddie ankle strap system which provides you with secure adjustments and a fit that enables you to center your straps more easily and faster.

Additionally, the fit is not just secure but also super light.

Apart from the urethane highbacks, these bindings also feature urethane baseplates which make it super soft, giving you more flex than any other bindings can. The problem with this baseplate is that it is quite thick, which limits contact with the board. This, however, is not a major deal breaker for a binding of this caliber.

The universal perf design has 3-, and 4-hole patterns to provide you with more flexibility when it comes to slot systems, therefore, giving you more setup options for easy customizability, adjustability, and comfort, all which combine to give you the need extra power to ride through any type of terrain with confidence.


If you were to research the K2 Hurrithanes online, what you will find most mentioned is how highly flexible these bindings are. However, there are more things that you are bound to enjoy if you decide to buy and use these Hurrithanes. Read on.


Yes we know this is mentioned almost everywhere, but not in detail. On flexibility, the Hurrithanes will provide you with an extraordinary form of flexibility that no other models can match.

These bindings have features that provide you with an unlimited flexibility that allows for a high-torque carving, and also easy transitioning between landing jumps


These K2 bindings are easy to adjust, especially their ankle and toe strap systems. Regarding adjustability, these hurrithanes are the best you can get out there as they also conform so well to your boots


These hurrithanes are designed with a super soft and flexible strap system that you can easily adjust to maximize the response of your bindings


How can these bindings have a soft highback, be flexible, and not be lightweight? These three things go hand in hand in most sporting items.

The lightness of the K2s makes it seem like the only thing connected to the snowboard is your boot. The polyurethane material, which is used for the highbacks, also sheds off the extra weight that is common in most bindings


These K2 Hurrithanes are highly durable; you can push them to their most extreme limits, but they still stay strong


These bindings are super comfortable. The urethane highbacks conform perfectly to your bindings, and the straps won’t give you any problems whether to adjust, fasten or unfasten.

You will be happy with how freely and flexibly you can move with these bindings.


  • The colors marketed are conspicuous and therefore stand out
  • The leash can be hard to attach to the boot; can be hard to open the clip, which makes it annoying while snowboarding


The K2 Men’s Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 2015 are a very lightweight, comfortable, and flexible bindings that are also very easy to adjust and are highly durable. When you combine the price of these Hurrithanes together with the features it presents, you will get a combination that will skyrocket your skills as a snowboarder to impressive levels all at a very affordable price.

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