Flow Nexus Snowboard Bindings for Men Review


Are you fed up with traditional bindings that tend to hurt your feet and require you to sit down to fasten the straps? Then it’s time you go with the Flow. Flow has recently added a new member to its extensive line of bindings—the Flow Nexus Snowboard Bindings for men.

These bindings are set to take over the market rapidly, especially with its most outstanding, easy-strapping feature and the ease of getting in and out of the bindings.

The Flow Nexus bindings are fully packed with rich features that will take your snowboarding to a whole new level. Read on to find out more.


The Flow Nexus bindings are remarkable and can’t be compared to traditional low-quality bindings. These Flows feature a Glass Filled Nylon Rockered Baseplate that makes very little contact with the base of your foot, therefore channeling all the power directly to where you need it the most.

This redirecting of power eventually improves your snowboarding performance. The base plate also features rounded edges that give you a smoother flex.

The Flow Nexus snowboard bindings also have a 3mm Nylon multidisc set that makes it compatible with most snowboards. Therefore, you can mount it to any board that you see fit.

Additionally, the Glass Filled Nylon Uniback Highback is a feature in these bindings that are a great mechanism for providing support in all boarding conditions. This Uniback Highback is also accessorized with EVA paddings that provide excellent shock absorption for vibrations, thus, allowing you to continue moving without any distractions.

As if that’s not enough, there is also the LSR, or rather locking slap ratchets straps. that make it easy and quick to adjust the fit of the bindings while on the fly. Other than that, there is the 2.5 canted foot bed which aligns your legs in a more natural position, giving it an optimized fit.

This canted footbed enhances the comfort felt on your feet while helping to reduce fatigue on the calves. Additionally, the canted footbed also acts as a shock absorber for impacts, and smoothens out your snowboard ride.


For a product of the Flow Nexus binding’s caliber, there is a lot to love about it, given the many features packed in the bindings for users to explore. Some of the things you will appreciate in this Flows include:

Great flex and response

The Flow Nexus is a binding that is glass filled with nylon and offers exquisite response and flex. It features a mid-flexing which enables you to move your leg and foot in a perfect way while still being able to maintain the response you need from a binding

Easy to get in and out

Unlike other bindings, where users complain of having to break in and out of, the Flow Nexus is a total opposite of this.

The greatest feature of these Flows is the ease of getting and out without getting hurt or having to sweat it out. The Flows signature rear entry system makes the in and out movement easy and quick


As it should be with ideal snowboard bindings, the Flow Nexus Snowboard Bindings for men are the most versatile set of bindings you can get on the market today. These bindings have a medium flex that allows you to easily and conveniently board in all types of terrains, and any form of ability


The comfort you feel with these bindings is unmatched. With these Flows, you can surf until the lifts stop running, without feeling any form of hurt or discomfort

Getting used to these Flows is easy and quick, and so is setting up and using them


Some users have complained that the binding tensions tend to go back to the ball of your feet, which ends up causing soreness


Once you decide that the Flow Nexus Snowboard bindings are for you, there is no way you will ever go back to any other brands. These bindings will give you the best experience: a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-get-around kind of experience that I doubt any other set will be able to.

Strapping is easy; getting around them is easy; getting in and out of them is easy. What else would you be looking for in snowboard bindings if not all these?

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