Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings Review


Your experience of snowboarding would not be complete without snowboard bindings. They serve as your direct connection to a snowboard. That means they are responsible for transferring your muscle movements to your board.

You will have a better riding experience if you make sure that you have matched your snowboard bindings to your board and riding style. You also have to consider the components of the bindings, for example whether or not they are made from high-quality materials to ensure stability and sturdiness.

Check the fit as well, since you do not want to ride with loose bindings. Some bindings are strap-on, while others are rear-entry. If you prefer the latter, then the Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings may just be the product for you!


  • Easy back entry
  • Heel inserts and full EVA toe for foot bed
  • Exofit PowerStraps
  • Comes with a molded plastic UniBack
  • One-year warranty



Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings bring you superb performance with their patented back entry system. This mean you do not have to sit down anymore just to tighten the ratchets for strapping.

These snowboard bindings’ design ensures a combination of easy use and unmatched performance. They even have EVA-padded footbeds. You get to experience ultimate comfort as well thanks to their locking micro ratchets and complete adjustability.

In addition, this product comes with Exofit PowerStraps that promise great energy transmission and ankle support. What happens is that the exoskeleton support-frame of the strap enables it to wrap around the 3D shape of the EVA footbeds.

As a result, the form fits your boot perfectly, giving comfort and support. Since it assures energy transmission, it minimizes the contact area with the board to directly transfer your power to the board without having to lose response time.

With all the advantages that these snowboard bindings offer, parents will be happy to let their kids play and have fun in the snow since they are really child-friendly. They are very light to carry and easy for shredding.

No assistance is needed for kids to step into the bindings because they can easily do it on their own. Perhaps the best part of it all is the affordability of this product.

This means you do not get to spend so much to get high-quality performance.

For those with huge feet, this product is a very good choice. There are several reviews indicating how helpful the straps are since riders can simply and quickly step into the bindings, therefore saving them time on the slopes and giving them more riding time.

The snowboard bindings hold up pretty well too, so you don’t need to worry about them getting loose in the middle of your ride. To top it all off, the shipping of this product is very fast.


Some consider this product to be only suitable for beginners so if you are an advanced rider, you may want to opt for something else. They are not that sturdy since there have been reports about their rear parts cracking and the ratches popping open on their own after just a few days’ use.


This product definitely has more positives than negatives, making it highly recommendable. Since its brand, Flow, teamed up with Wiredsport, the Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings have become a premier product that means you no longer have to sit down just to tighten ratchets to strap in, because they use a rear entry system.

It’s got Exofit PowerStraps that help it transfer energy efficiently and support your ankles well. It also fits your boot completely which means it offers both comfort and support. And again, with its patented back-entry system, you will never have difficulties stepping into snowboard bindings ever again.

Thanks to its EVA-padded footbeds and micro ratchets, you have got yourselves a great buy too.

Furthermore, both kids and adults get to enjoy this product. Since these bindings are lightweight, children can effortlessly carry them on their own. Shredding is easy to do as well with these snowboard bindings.

Plus, those with large feet can find a great fit with these bindings. No matter how big or small your feet are, you just need to make sure that you carefully pick the right size.

Additionally, these bindings are sold at an affordable price, so there is no reason for you not to consider them. Take note that the bindings hold up really well and make you feel comfortable during your ride.

Truly, this is a product you will not want to miss out on. Even the shipping is fast. And if ever you experience some problems, you can always make use of the one-year warranty since there’s a chance you will receive a defective product.

If this happens, you can get a replacement and experience the full potential of these snowboard bindings.

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