Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings Review


Burton custom bindings are an excellent beginner set of bindings and can also take you to higher levels if you are tight on budget. They are the best of Burton’s bindings models of that give you uncompromised comfort and total control over your snowboarding; something that is very rare with most bindings in its range.

Burton has been in the game for a substantial amount of time, and although most of their earlier models are not of the best quality, their product kept improving over the years with newer models like the Customs and Missions presenting better quality and features.


As above, Burton’s models have improved over time, and this is so in the Customs line of bindings. Some of the features that Burton has incorporated in their Custom snowboarding bindings include a single component canted highback which perfectly contours the shape of your legs/feet, which enhances comfort and control when riding.

Additionally, this feature enables you to have a consistent response and feel for all types of terrains.

Another fantastic feature of this set of binding is the Re-Flex baseplate that comes with a minimized cored baseplate and living hinge disk, which give you an even flex and feel while reducing the weight felt. The living hinge also enables you to adjust the forward land and the highback rotation independently.

In addition to the above features, there is also the lush strap, which maximizes comfort and conforms to your boot, giving you superior comfort and control over your board.  The primo cast rap is another excellent feature in this pair of bindings.

It is more of a rubber strap that tends to curve with the toe of the boot, pushing back your heel into the heel strap which, in turn, gives you the best performance you can get in a binding.

Since comfort is key in the Burtons Custom Snowboard Bindings, the incorporation of full-bed cushioning not only enhances comfort for your feet, but also gives you the freedom to flex your feet as naturally as possible.

Note that Burton also utilizes EVA padding for the toes and heels; this type of padding is known to be the best in shock absorption. So, when getting these bindings, you can rest assured that your feet will be highly secured.


Talking of the benefits you get to enjoy with this amazing set of snowboard bindings, comfort is just a part of it. There is more.


There is no better feel than being able to control your movements when snowboarding. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, with this set, features like the single component canted highback and the lush straps enable you to have total control over your rides

Easy to use

A good pair of snowboard bindings should be user friendly with fewer technical features. That is what the Burton Custom Bindings are all about.

This binding is easy to set up and use; therefore, they are perfect even for the first-time buyer with no experience in using a snowboard binding

Better response

The over-the-toe option gives you better handling of the binding and provides you with a better response than most bindings do

Fast to strap on

You will experience no problems with the straps as they will stay as tight as you installed them. Additionally, fastening and unfastening the straps is easy


  • The toe straps could fit a little better
  • These bindings are not the best quality for a pro
  • The lack of a cover plate over the binding screws makes them inconvenient to use when there is too much snow.


Comparing quality and price, the Burton Customs Snowboard Bindings are a decent pair of bindings for a beginner. If you are starting out on this activity and don’t want something that will toss your budget over, and that will work well with your skill level, then this set is the best you can get.

However, if you want a binding that is more tech, with more versatility and quality, then look for better models as this one will not give you the best service.  Otherwise, these are the best for snowboard bindings that are more relaxed and reasonably priced.

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