Best Snowboard Bindings


Snowboard bindings are essential since they serve as a direct connection to your snowboard. They transfer muscle movements to the board effectively, especially when they match your style and board well. The amount of binding flex is also an important thing to consider so you can determine if a stiff binding or soft one works for you.

Another thing you need to understand about snowboard bindings is the flex rating. Manufacturers give a number rating that ranges from 1 to 10, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the stiffest. That means 1-2 is soft, 3-5 is medium, 6-8 is stiff and 9-10 is super stiff.

When it comes to styles, there is the park style or freestyle, all-mountain and freeride style.

Park style or freestyle bindings are suitable for terrain parks, which is why bindings for this style must have a softer flex to allow errors, smoother landings and tweak grabs.

All-mountain bindings used by riders who do a bit of everything: groomed runs, powder, park, and so on. Bindings for this style have a medium flex.

Freeride bindings are all about steepness and depth. Bindings for this style should have a stiffer flex for better energy transfer and response.

As you can see, there’s a lot that needs to be considered when choosing snowboard bindings. But don’t worry; these tips will help you out.

How to choose the best snowboard bindings

Choose the best snowboard bindings by considering the flex. This means the bindings should match your riding style.
The flex indicates the riding style that the product is designed intended for. If your riding style is freeride or all-mountain, get bindings with medium stiffness. If you are just having fun with your friends, you can opt for softer bindings.
Perhaps one of the most important things in choosing bindings is to make sure that the product matches the size of your boot and snowboard. Different brands may have different sizes too, so double check the sizing guide or try the bindings out before purchasing.
Checking the key features will also help you choose the best snowboard bindings. There are entry systems and traditional two-strap systems that exist in most bindings.
There are also those that come with tool-free adjustments to save you the hassle of using a screwdriver in setting the angles of the highback or straps to fit your preferences.
Cushioning is also another important factor as it contributes to softer landings. Furthermore, gas pedals are found on many bindings nowadays, including the adjustable toe ramp which allows you to modify the fit of your boot shape.

What to look for in good snowboard bindings

When looking for good snowboard bindings, checking the straps is essential. You can go for padded ones to cushion your foot or those that come with ergonomic adjustments to lessen the harshness of foot pressure points.
The ratchets must also be big enough for them to be gripped easily with gloved hands. They can be either metal or plastic, though the former is believed to be more durable.
Heel cups are also important features as they secure your heel into the rear of the binding. In this regard, you should look for heel cups that are made of a grippy and textured material like rubber, so they can effectively help lock the back of your foot in place since heel-lift is a bit of a concern in some bindings and boots.
You should look for a good highback as well. This increases control and support when you lean back into a heel-side turn. If you are a freestyle rider, opt for a short highback so you can move more when performing tricks.
If you are into free-riding or all-mountain styles, get a tall highback to have added control during sharp turns or when moving at high speeds. Check the baseplates too and see if they are well-padded from top to underside for that plush support for your boots.





Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings$$4.2/5
System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings$4.6/5
Avalanche Source 150 Mens Snowboard$$$N/A
Rome United Snowboard Bindings$3.3/5
Union Contact Pro: Snowboard Bindings$$$5/5
5th Element Stealth 3 Snowboard Bindings 2017$5/5
Burton 105441 Men’s Freestyle Snowboard Binding$4.0/5
Rossignol Cobra Snowboard Bindings V1$$5/5
Arbor Cypress Snowboard Binding$$$4.0/5
2015 Flow Flite LTD Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings$$ 4.4/5

Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings

Some snowboard bindings are strap-ons while others use a rear-entry system. If you think you will be more comfortable using the latter, then the Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings may just be the product for you!


  • Easy back entry
  • Heel inserts and full EVA toe for foot bed
  • Exofit PowerStraps
  • Molded plastic UniBack
  • One-year warranty


The Flow Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings perform really well thanks to the patented rear entry system that lets you slip in easily. It also uses EVA pads for footbeds to give you comfort. There are even locking micro ratchets and complete adjustability features.
The Exofit PowerStrap used in these bindings are responsible for their superb energy transmission and ankle support. This strap fits your boot well and minimizes the amount of contact area with the board for transferring power without losing too much response time.
Additionally, this product is lightweight and easy for shredding. Even those with huge feet will find these bindings a good option. The straps are also very helpful as all you need to do is step into the bindings and you are good to go. They hold up tightly as well, assuring you of a safe ride without any loose straps in between.
Best of all, you get to experience all these benefits at an affordable price and as soon as possible (since the shipping delivery is very fast!).


Advanced riders may not enjoy these bindings that much because they are said to be better suited for beginners. They are not particularly durable as well according to reports of ratches popping open and rear parts cracking after just a few uses.


Alpha MTN 2017 Snowboard Bindings are a highly recommendable product without too many disadvantages, and are definitely worth buying.
They have lots of features that make them perform well such as the Exofit PowerStraps for energy transfer and ankle support. The patented back entry system helps you slip in the bindings quickly and effortlessly as well. Furthermore, the EVA-padded footbeds and micro ratchets both contribute to how the bindings give you comfort.
Moreover, they are light, so even children can easily carry them. Easy shredding is possible as well and for those with big feet, these bindings can fit easily. They even hold up pretty well. Imagine getting all this for such a reasonable price!

System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings

Winter is not just a season to stay in the house because it is cold, but also a time to get out and play in the snow. One way to enjoy the snow is by snowboarding, but you need the right bindings. The System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings Are certainly worth considering.


  • Rear-entry or step-in design
  • Multi-disc base plate that is wholly compatible and can be easily mounted on boards
  • Hi-back contains full EVA padding while the footbed has high-density dampening
  • Offers instant response and maximum comfort with its 3D molded ankle strap covered in polyurethane
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings feature an amazing step in/rear entry design, allowing you to get in and out easily. This product also comes with an ankle strap that opens automatically to provide enough room where your whole boot can fit. It can also cinch back down with a single fast lever.
There is also a patented design that helps the rear cable lock the hi-back in place. In addition, it can make the bindings both stronger and more responsive and keep you attached firmly to your board.
Furthermore, these bindings come with high-density dampening pads placed on the footbed, giving a comfortable ride. Full EVA padding is also present on the highback that lessens board shock and chatter from impacts and thus gives a smooth and cushioned ride.
Another good thing about these bindings is that the 3D molded ankle straps are covered in very sturdy polyurethane for extra comfort. The tool-less forward-lead adjust, covered baseplate and sliding strap adjustments are among this product’s other amazing features.


It seems like this product has been performing very well because we couldn’t find a single negative review from customers!


System MTN Men’s 2017 Rear Entry Flow Style Snowboard Bindings are a highly acclaimed product as they have very few disadvantages. Also, these bindings have a brilliant baseplate that is a totally compatible with multi-disc sets allowing these bindings to mount easily on every type of board such as Burton three-hole, standard four-hole, and Burton Channel EST boards.
The footbed consists of high-density dampening pads all throughout the toe ramp and heel of the bindings. This then helps reduce board shock and chatter against collisions. At the same time, you experience a supported and smooth ride.

Avalanche Source 150 Mens Snowboard

The snowboard bindings you choose should be comfortable, safe, durable and coordinated with your riding style. Being affordable is a plus factor as well. The Avalanche Serenity Snowboard Bindings appear to combine all these features!


  • Comes with an anatomical baseplate plus 2 x 2 screw inserts
  • Die-cut EVA heel and toe ramp pads
  • Adjustable toe straps
  • Heat-molded EVA and adjustable ankle straps
  • Ultra-light EVA padded highback


Avalanche Serenity Snowboard Bindings promise easy usage, amazing performance, and superb style at a reasonable price. Some of their key features include an anatomical baseplate that contains 2 x 2 screw inserts as well as durable aluminum ratchets. There are also die-cut EVA heel and adjustable toe ramp pads.
A tool-free forward lean adjuster also exists that allows you to make several tweaks for customizing your binding preferences. It changes the angle that your calf normall sits at too while at the same time altering your riding feel. You get to experience a plush and smooth ride as well thanks to the ultra-light EVA padded highback.


There were reports from some buyers that the glue quickly came out of the bindings. Also, the bindings have a tendency to alter degrees with pressure, making it hard to put them onto a snowboard. As a whole, there have been issues with the product’s durability and performance.


The Avalanche Serenity Snowboard Bindings can be considered an average product. They’re not too good, but not too bad as well.
Nevertheless, the bindings give a plush ride thanks to their use of EVA pads in the heel and toe ramp (die-cut), hi-back (ultra-lightweight) and ankle straps (heat molded).
Additionally, there are useful features such as the anatomical baseplate with 2 x 2 screw inserts and the sturdy aluminum ratchets. There is a tool-free forward lean adjuster tool that helps you make various tweaks to customize your binding needs.
Furthermore, your boots are sure to fit perfectly given that there are even intact straps all throughout your ride.

Rome United Snowboard Bindings

Snowboarding is a well-known activity for those who feel that regular skiing is not exciting enough. Snowboarding comes with safety issues though, so you need the right safety gear.
This includes snowboard bindings to keep you in place while transferring muscle movements to your board.
A good choice could be Rome United Snowboard Bindings!


  • Uni-body baseplate that is injected and lightweight for smooth sensitivity in every direction
  • Conformist toe strap
  • 3D-shaped contour ankle strap that is low profile and flexible to fit your ankle
  • United Asym highback
  • Channel adjust and full highback rotation


Rome United Snowboard Bindings are full of great technical features like the conformist toe straps and multiple strap positions. The latter comes with three or more straps for easy customization to get the strap support level you want.
These bindings also have an easy, full highback rotation that allows you to adjust the highback so you can get good heel side turns no matter what angle your bindings are set up on.
Also, you get tweak-ability and power while riding thanks to the responsive and smooth flex pattern of these bindings. Since they have a flex rating of 5, they have medium flex with the perfect combination of power and playfulness.
This gives you enough control and precision for freeriding while, at the same time, the forgiving feel needed for a freestyle ride. The uni-body, injected and lightweight baseplate responds smoothly in every direction too.


These snowboard bindings are reported to be a bit tight for a size 11.5. In addition, the strap does not extend that long. Other than these, no further drawbacks are found in this product.


Rome United Snowboard Bindings are highly recommended and have received very few negative reviews. They come with a medium flex and lightweight design, giving the right amount of board control and response required for all-mountain shredding.
Furthermore, they have shock absorption and the flexible ankle straps allow you to take charge of terrain parks with ease. This product is sold at an affordable price too.

Union Contact Pro: Snowboard Bindings

You can buy snowboard bindings made specifically for men or women, but there are also those that can work well for both male and female riders, just like the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings!


  • Comfortable and super light design
  • Works well for all kinds of snowboarding terrains
  • Vaporlite full bottom bushing system
  • All-new quick release mini FLAD intended for forwarding lean efficiency


There is a Vaporlite Full Bottom Bushing System as well that takes care of next-level vibration dampening as well as natural canting to give comfort for people with long feet. A simple mechanism known as the all-new Quick Release Mini FLAD is a feature that riders will definitely like because of the ultimate forward lean efficiency it provides.
The responsiveness of these bindings can’t be ignored and they offer a smoother ride thanks to the baseplate material used. Furthermore, this product comes with SonicFuse Straps, which have a multi-layer composite strap core where the layers are fused altogether so they can form one, articulated strap. .
The 3D Symmetric Direct Connect Straps are for your ankle has and feature a multi-layer strap core to hold you in, but not hold you back.


A minor flaw is that the orange paint tends to get chipped off easily. Also, those who are into stiff highbacks may not find this product completely satisfying.


Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings are a highly acclaimed product given that not many disadvantages were found. Injected magnesium buckles exist that have four times the strength of aluminum, but only half the weight.
A lighter highback is also present as well as a Mini FLAD forward lean adjuster. Despite the fact that this product is for men, women riders can also wear these bindings!
Another feature is the extruded 3D heel cup made of aluminum that is intended for lessened toe drag and optimized heel hold. There is also a grade 8.8 hardware made of mild steel as well as tool-free adjustments that do not require screwdrivers anymore. So really, a lot of features comprise this product that makes it perform really well.


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