Best All-Mountain Snowboard Bindings


There are a lot of riding styles for snowboarding. One of them is the all-mountain style. An all-mountain snowboard is known to be the best beginner snowboard because of its versatility, letting you discover what terrain best matches your style.

If you want to ride groomers, head out to the backcountry or hit the park or pipe, this kind of snowboard can help you do that. But aside from the snowboard itself, there are also snowboard bindings made for all-mountain boards. Below are some of the best:

Flux DS Bindings

This product has a medium flex of 5/10. These bindings offer a softer flex compared to other similar products, but also have the ability to respond in a similar way to a stiffer flexing binding.

Thus, these DS bindings allow you to ride freestyle while being able to maintain enough responsiveness to assist you during steep-bombing or backcountry riding.

Since these bindings are from the Flux, they have superb adjustability just like the brand’s other products. Also, apart from the base plate disc, this product is tool-less, allowing you to adjust just about anything and everything at once.

Union Ultra

With a medium flex of 5/10, just like the previous item, the Ultra-Union bindings may not be the most affordable but are among the strongest and lightest bindings in the market as they are made of forged carbon. Actually, they have a pretty stiff flexing highback, enabling them to give an additional response, even though they have a baseplate flex of 5/10.

Aside from their great responsiveness, these bindings are also very easy to butter. The mini-disc system is responsible for this as it lessens the dead spot on the board and allows it to flex more, the way it would normally do under your feet.

Additionally, this product is compatible with 4 x 2 systems as well as the channel system fresh from the box.

Burton Cartel

Having a medium flex of 6/10, these Burton Cartel bindings are ideal for all mountain styles as they come with a nice flex that gives you flexibility. This means you can still ride the park, but you can also explore the backcountry at the same time. These bindings are considered great for groomers.

What’s more is that these bindings include a wide adjustability range to allow you to tweak them until they have your preferred setup. In addition, they have a firm fit all over your foot so you can feel locked in while getting excellent shock absorption when jumping.

If that wasn’t good enough, the latest models also come with new toe and ankle straps!

K2 Lien AT

Just like the bindings reviewed above, these K2 Lien AT bindings have a medium flex of 6/10. They include K2’s tripod base plate technology and have a great medium flex, helping them handle just about everything that comes their way, from the park to the backcountry. They also contain good adjustability and boot support.

Some may prefer the design of the 2015-16 model, while others like the 2016-17 model because of its performance. But going back to the design, these K2 Lien AT bindings can fit any snowboard, from Channel to 3D to 4-hole.

Burton Genesis

Burton Genesis bindings are considered to be some of the best all-mountain snowboard bindings. They have a medium flex of 5/10 and easy butter-ability. Their shock absorption is splendid as well, and their great medium flex helps in freestyle riding.

This product also offers well-fitting boot support that gives you the comfort you need. Their impressive adjustability and lightweight ride are also plus factors.

But perhaps the most unique feature they have is the two-piece hammock highback, which contributes hugely to how this product got an almost perfect score.

It didn’t receive a completely perfect score due to its lower responsiveness. Still, it is a very highly recommended product for all-mountain styles.

Another thing worth noting is that these bindings have an EST version like most Burton bindings. This version fits the standard version and Burton’s Channel System.

There may be other good snowboard bindings for all-mountain styles that are not on this list. Still, what matters most is that the bindings match your style and provide the support and comfort you need and prefer.


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