Avalanche Source 150 Mens Snowboard Review


If you already got yourself a snowboard, you are most probably satisfied with it, and it can feel like an afterthought to buy a set of snowboard bindings. However, what you do not know is that a set of bindings can greatly affect your riding experience.

Now, many bindings are sold in the market, most of which look very similar. However, they are often different in the way they contribute to how you control and feel your board because of their use of advanced and binding technology.

Some bindings come in strap-on designs while others use rear-entry designs. Whatever you prefer though, the bindings have to be comfortable, safe, durable and coordinated with your riding style. Also, it will be a huge plus if they are also affordable.

If you do not have any idea which bindings to buy, check out the Avalanche Source 150 Mens Snowboard!


  • Anatomical baseplate plus 2 x 2 screw inserts
  • Die-cut EVA heel and toe ramp pads
  • Adjustable toe straps
  • Heat-molded EVA and adjustable ankle straps
  • Ultra-light EVA padded highback


Avalanche Source 150 Men’s Snowboard will offer any rider ease of use, great performance and brilliant style at a very affordable price. They have a lot of great features including an anatomical baseplate with 2 x 2 screw inserts plus durable aluminum ratchets.

It also comes with die-cut EVA heel and toe ramp pads. The toe straps are adjustable, as are the ankle straps (which are also made of heat-molded EVA!).

The bindings also have a tool-free forward lean adjuster. That means you can make numerous tweaks to customize your binding needs.

This specific feature is very important too because it changes the angle where your calf normally sits while dramatically altering your riding feel. A larger angle means a faster heel edge response. In addition, it’s features ultra-light EVA padded hi-back that gives a plush and smooth ride.

EVA can be found in a lot of snowboard bindings, not just in this product. So what is EVA then? Well, EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a foam or expanded rubber.

It is typically used as padding in different sports equipment where it acts as a shock absorber. Since this product also contains ultra-light EVA pads in its hi-back, it offers extra comfort and safety.

Many buyers have said that these bindings are good for first-time users. They fit perfectly with the rider’s boots and the straps stay intact during the whole ride. As a whole, this product is aesthetically pleasing and well-designed!


Some customers reported that the glue immediately came off the bindings and thus they did not stay secured to the board. Others stated that the bindings changed degrees with pressure and were difficult to attach to the snowboard.

Some buyers said that the small strap cover easily fell off after just one day, which could be caused by cheap materials. Generally, it can be said that these snowboard bindings are not as sturdy and effective as they could be.


Only a few buyers were completely satisfied with the performance of this product. Thus, the Avalanche Source 150 Mens Snowboard can be considered to be of average quality. This means these bindings aren’t great, but aren’t too bad either.

Despite some disadvantages, these snowboard bindings still have a lot to offer. For instance, they offer a comfortable ride because of their parts containing EVA pads, such as the heel and toe ramp (die-cut), ankle straps (heat molded) and hi-back (ultra-lightweight).

As mentioned above, EVA is often found in sports equipment as it serves as a shock absorber. Hence, you can expect this product to give you not just a plush ride and aesthetic appearance, but a safe one too!

The anatomical baseplate with 2 x 2 screw inserts as well as the durable aluminum ratchets are also key features that help this product do its job. It even comes with a tool-free forward lean adjuster that is very useful as it lets you perform several tweaks to your ride to further customize your binding needs.

This feature also enables you to change the angle where your calf normally sits while intensely changing your riding feel. Since a larger angle means a faster heel edge response, you are in for a treat!

In addition, you get to experience all these features at an affordable price. So if this is your first time using snowboard bindings, this product could be a great way to start. They fit riders’ boots perfectly and should keep the straps intact throughout your ride.

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